Using Hierarchical Clustering to define NBA Players


Basketball has existed for more than a hundred years, and as the game evolved with new rules and regulations, so did the players. The NBA has now come to a time where Point Guards grab 10 plus rebounds and Centers shoot effectively from the 3 Point line, where 7 feet tall players are skilled at being the primary ball handler while players below 6 feet 6 get minutes as Centers. Players have begun expanding their skill sets to assert dominance all over the court. These players can no longer be defined by which position they play in. Yet, in this…


The National Basketball Association is one of the many professional sports leagues that impose financial restrictions on Team Salaries. These restrictions are called the NBA Salary Cap and are defined by the league’s collective bargaining agreement(CBA). The NBA Salary Cap is imposed to ensure balance among teams and prevents the Lakers from signing every All-Star they get their hands on. NBA general managers have a crucial role in building a team capable of winning the Championship while also maintaining team salary per the Salary Cap rules. In this article, we investigate how successful teams are in allocating their contracts and…

Ahmed Jyad

Data Scientist | Basketball Enthusiast | Comic Book Geek

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